Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Goodreads Review - DEAD GAME written by Claire Kinton

Dead GameDead Game by Claire Kinton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I started to read the Author’s Note to DEAD GAME by Claire Kinton and it had me intrigued. But what about the book, I thought. I flicked to the first chapter and I was hooked, immediately. Read it. Take a peek on Amazon look inside the book. Get a copy. READ IT. If you don’t think fantasy is for you, think again. This is fairytale fantasy for adults, for younger adults, for men and women, girls and boys, alike. OK, so what do we have? We have young Lance Corporal Archie Fletcher’s stricken plane plummeting into the sea. And it’s terrible, awful, because we love Archie’s lust for life, his humour, his individuality, before we’ve even reached a pause in the first chapter. We want, NEED, to know what happens to him. Claire Kinton takes us on his journey, a fantasy of what comes next that is utterly absorbing and, all-importantly, believable. Throughout the story, Claire—with literary magic—weaves Archie’s current transitional state of being with his real-life past, showing us who he is, where he came from, his reality, his family. Giving us a glimpse of the boy that grew into a man, whose sense of adventure bound him for the services; who then tragically became a casualty of war. Claire shows us Archie’s future. You live it. DEAD GAME is beautifully written, mystical…pure magic. A MUST read. As an adult, when you’ve turned the last page and know it to be true, pass it on to your son or daughter (better still buy it for them! Claire supports SSAFA Forces Help and Help For Heroes and a donation from every book sold goes to both Charities). I have. I guarantee they won’t be disappointed.

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