Friday, 20 May 2011

A quick update...

...on the progress of one or two of the Brit Writers’ Awards Publishing Programme participants, which I’m sure they won’t mind me sharing. 

For information, the May 2011 edition of Write Now! Magazine is out, packed with information for new and unpublished writers, and starring our very own Claire Kinton, BWA Publishing Programme author, who visited Parkdale Primary School in Nottingham.  Claire, author of DEAD GAME, was there to give a talk on writing and being an author following a week of creative writing activities undertaken by the children as part of the BWA Creative Writing Programme. 

Claire was joined by Imran Akram, Brit Writers CEO, and Susanne Murray, Nottinghamshire schools supplier TTS Group, who are on board as local Schools Territory Partner, effectively sponsoring every school in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to benefit from free membership of the BWA Creative Writing Programme. 

This is one of many  talks Claire is giving in hopes of inspiring children to put pen to paper and express their ideas.  From feedback, it is clear that she is indeed an inspiration.  Well done, Claire!

Another BWA Publishing Programme participant, Eiry Rees Thomas, author of THE FLITWIT CAPERS - a humorous series of books for early readers/transition books category, is also out and about visiting schools. Eiry’s stories feature fictional characters named THE FLITWITS and Eiry – together with her illustrator, staff and pupils at the school - will be dressing up as the characters – making learning and reading huge fun for the children. Another inspiring idea.  Congrats on that, Eiry!  Also on getting Imran Akram, Brit Writers CEO, to participate.  We look forward to photographs.  
Ruth Heald, author of the novel "27", which was selected by the second BWA programme, also runs short story competitions Five Stop Story - Writers - 2011 Short Story Competitions which is featured on the back page of Write Now! Ruth has been asked to speak at the Bangkok Literature festival!  Great Stuff! 
All in all an industrious group of writers. 
As for moi… Well, I have an author-friendly publisher interested in some of my rom com stories. Yay!  I’m really pleased about this.  Not least because without the support of the BWA – along with that of my lovely fellow authors on the BWA Publishing Programme, I might not have had the confidence to just go for it and submit.  Thanks guys!
Safkhet started as a company providing text work to other publishers. It evolved into a publishing house that is truly honest with its authors, freelancers and business partners to create a fantastic work environment bringing high quality books that make a difference to the world.

Right, I’m off to write another chapter on the follow up to my soon to be published book, FIVE SHALLOW BREATHS.  The new book is called STRANGE DARK PLACES, the outline for which has been co-written with my son.  I hate to admit it, but his idea is awesome!  Far better than mine.

More to follow on other participants... as soon as I can catch up with them.

Happy writing all!

Monday, 9 May 2011

So thrilled to be here.

Post edits, my blurb, synopsis and chapters are now back in the hands of the Brit Writers’ Awards and soon to be in front of the eyes of publishers.  Along with other members of the Brit Writers’ Awards Publishing Programme (a fabulous group of mutually supportive authors), I await feedback with mixed feelings: euphoria, excitement and trepidation.  The trepidation bit is part and parcel of being a writer, as anyone who has written and submitted will know.  The euphoria comes from massively improving my thriller through simple, concise edits.  The excitement…  Well, wouldn’t you be a tad excited to have got to this stage?

Watch this space for updates.  Meanwhile, here is my take on another thrilling read, or rather, re-read.  A good book is like a good film.  You see so much more of the genius in the detail second time around.

The LadykillerThe Ladykiller by Martina Cole

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As THE TIMES said, “Martina Cole pulls no punches, writes as she sees it, refuses to patronise or condescend to either her characters or fans”. And that sums or Martina’s writing for me. If you want powerful writing that explores the underbelly of society, that packs a punch and examines characters so thoroughly you come to know them yourself intimately, fall in love with them (despite flaws—Patrick Kelly) or hate them, but most of all understand them, read Marina Cole. I read this for a second time and would easily read it again. Brilliant writing. Narrative and dialogue faultless. The Ladykiller

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