Monday, 9 May 2011

So thrilled to be here.

Post edits, my blurb, synopsis and chapters are now back in the hands of the Brit Writers’ Awards and soon to be in front of the eyes of publishers.  Along with other members of the Brit Writers’ Awards Publishing Programme (a fabulous group of mutually supportive authors), I await feedback with mixed feelings: euphoria, excitement and trepidation.  The trepidation bit is part and parcel of being a writer, as anyone who has written and submitted will know.  The euphoria comes from massively improving my thriller through simple, concise edits.  The excitement…  Well, wouldn’t you be a tad excited to have got to this stage?

Watch this space for updates.  Meanwhile, here is my take on another thrilling read, or rather, re-read.  A good book is like a good film.  You see so much more of the genius in the detail second time around.

The LadykillerThe Ladykiller by Martina Cole

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As THE TIMES said, “Martina Cole pulls no punches, writes as she sees it, refuses to patronise or condescend to either her characters or fans”. And that sums or Martina’s writing for me. If you want powerful writing that explores the underbelly of society, that packs a punch and examines characters so thoroughly you come to know them yourself intimately, fall in love with them (despite flaws—Patrick Kelly) or hate them, but most of all understand them, read Marina Cole. I read this for a second time and would easily read it again. Brilliant writing. Narrative and dialogue faultless. The Ladykiller

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  1. How exciting Leanne - Good luck with the next steps!


  2. Thank you Ruth. You need a fair dollop of good luck in this game. And a huuuge amount of talent, of course ;)

  3. Well, since I'm lucky enough to have read the whole thing, I know you've got the talent in spades :) *Crosses fingers for you!* And shame I won't see you next weekend now - hope we cluster soon, instead.

  4. Ditto, George. It's been both inspiring and humbling realising what talented company I'm in. And, yes, I hope we have another cluster soon :). It helps so much with the reading aloud nerves.