Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Goodreads Review - A HEARTBEAT AWAY written by Michael Palmer

A Heartbeat AwayA Heartbeat Away by Michael Palmer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve just read reviews from both ends of the critical spectrum. I have to say I lean toward the most favourable. I, too, thought the premise was simple and brilliant. Scarily believable: The release by terrorists of a bio-weapon originally home-grown by order of the president. This is where I detract from the opinion of the more critical reviewer. OK, I’m a UK reader, so perhaps less informed on the inner workings of US politics, but, to me, the President seemed very convincing. I could picture him, so he must have been. I did wonder a couple of times where Griff found his physical strength from – given his incarceration – but then I remembered what was at stake… and human beings can tap on extraordinary resources when faced with… well, the annihilation of the population of the US? The world? Disaster anyway. I liked that I didn’t question Michael’s (necessary) scientific descriptions. (A big plus. If it bores me or blinds me with science, I can’t read it, and this didn’t). Hands up, I admit I love dogs, totally. I foster disabled dogs, so there you go. Griff’s reasons for not wanting to go the animal testing route were very touching – without being soppy, and believable. Overall, I loved A Heartbeat Away. It has stayed with me, beckoning me to write this review. This is the fist Michael Palmer book I’ve read and I’m a fan. A Heartbeat Away

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