Friday, 17 June 2011

More News from the Talented Brit Writers!

Sinead Gillespie ~ Brit Writers’ Awards Publishing Programme Group 1 ~ is holding her second Scriptwriting workshop in Bridgewater. Sinead tells us a little about it below:
Thanks to the previous success writing and performing my one-woman show (From Within), I was asked to run a couple of Scriptwriting workshops at the oldest (as in first) UK Arts Centre in Bridgwater, Somerset.  Called “From Page to Stage”, the project is linked with an autumn event in conjunction with another centre at Taunton: a scratch night. A scratch night is where actors take scenes of brand new writing to the stage so the writer and audience can see how well it works in action. It’s very exciting for new writers to see their words come to life. I have been through the process as both actor and writer so I am very pleased to be involved in a different role this time; inspiring new playwrights to develop their work.

The first workshop was so much fun the participants requested an extra date. So this Saturday at 10.30am we will be doing a session on Character. Our final session, the scratch night, will be on July 9th when we’ll be working on Plot. It gives me a real buzz to be able to share creative journeys with other writers. It is always a two-way street (as those of us on the BWA publishing Programme have learned from one another). We all educate one another in our different approaches, methods, and motivation.

I’m really looking forward to the next two sessions, and I suspect the actor in me may just have to get involved in the scratch night too!
Claire Kinton ~ Publishing Programme Group 1 ~ has been getting herself in the Lincolnite News! 
Creative writing: Claire Kinton, a local author of popular teenage novel Dead Game, is encouraging her teenage readership to get involved.
Georgina Kamsika ~ Publishing Programme Group 1 ~ has a short story up at Romance Flash in time for their one year anniversary: Acceptable Suitors at
Georgina Kamsika delivers again with another wonderful romantic flash fiction piece!

Michael Oren ~ Brit Writers’ Awards Publishing Programme Group 2 ~ has his book THE DALLAS MERCENARY (on general release July 2011) out now on Kindle! 

A little bit about the author, by the author: First and foremost, I am a writer. Then I'm a novelist, journalist, commentator, poet, entertainer, a Londoner and an African in no particular order. I strive to write quality works of fiction, most of which transcend genre. I try to inform and educate whenever I can, but my main aim in writing fiction is to entertain, keep my readers tearing through the pages.

You can find out more about Michael and read extracts from The Dallas Mercenary here: Michael E. OrenWhile you’re there, take a look at the blurb for Michael’s upcoming book Dudlham Sings, which promises to be equally as thrilling as Michael’s first book. 

NOW ON KINDLE. Paperback version available for pre-order

At the initial signs of some skirmishes over the disputed elections in Kenya, a young English woman sets off to save her 12-year old friend from a possible threat of civil war. The trip turns into a long journey through the underbelly of the Third World that will leave her questioning whether these people ever really had peace in the first place.

WELL DONE GUYS!  Brilliant stuff.  BWA participants forging a path forward.


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  3. Thanks Leanne for keeping note and commenting on everyone. I missed some of these so it's brilliant that you've shared it here. Thanks again and congrats to everyone for their hard work paying off!

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    Thanks so much for your kind comment though. Sinead and George, too. It's a good way of getting to know who we all are and what we are about, I think. :)

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